November 27, 2021
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Appleby Town Centre Enhancements

The works were located in the centre of Appleby, a busy market town in Cumbria and comprised the replacement of natural stone paving and kerbs, resurfacing of existing asphalt carriageways and the reconstruction of carriageways with natural stone paving, together with associated drainage, road markings, traffic signs and road lighting.

The scheme was designed and managed by Capita Symonds.

The existing town centre was enriched and modernised by the use of in keeping materials, parking bays and lighting systems.

The full length of the town centre and beyond was carefully designed, planned, discussed and constructed.

Shops and businesses all had to continue to trade as normal and the town centre had to remain open to the public.

During the course of the first phase of the works at the bottom end, north of Moot Hall of the town centre, a ‚’Bull Ring’ was located, cast into the ground. This it was later realised was used on Market day ‚ The ring was raised and reset into the concrete floor slab as a feature.

Work progressed replacing, renewing and installing new drainage systems.

Using natural stone kerbing laid to straight and curve, Yorkstone paving flags to various patterns, Sandstone setts and demarcation tactile slabs.

Permanent traffic signs and a new and refurbished lighting scheme were installed.

It became more obvious as the works progressed that any surfacing of the town centre would have to be undertaken during ‘out of hours’. The proprietary work was undertaken and the final surfacing carried out overnight.

On completion of the works it is obvious to see the difference the works has made to the aesthetics of the town centre. The difference in colour, which breaks up the paving from the road, the parking areas which are now clearly defined and come night time the town centre lighting which enhances the whole of the works.

The scheme was subsequently selected for a British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) Award for Hard Landscaping works that commended the way in which William Pye Limited co-operated with Cumbria County Council and Capita Symonds to perfect this award winning scheme.

Appleby Town Centre

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