November 27, 2021
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Crewe to Nantwich Greenway Phase 1

The site runs through farm land, local footways and around the perimeter of an existing Playing Field and Golf Course before finally joining the grounds of Queens Park which is currently undergoing a complete restoration utilising funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

A watercourse is present, adjacent to the new cycleway facility and new bridges are to be installed across the watercourse

The works comprised the full construction of new cycleway comprising sub-base, binder and surface courses along new and existing tracks through woodland and fields incorporating new profiling of the existing landscape.

A new drainage arrangement has been installed in various locations consisting of a perforated linear drainage system ultimately leading to slit chambers with an outflow to a nearby brook.

The car park construction was designed to attenuate surface water using free draining material and was finished using a decorative angular stone.

There is an orbital road which is constructed in macadam and finished with tar spray and chip in a decorative stone.

Some remedial works have been carried out on the existing drainage system and connected to the new system.

A selection of tree pits have been prepared for future planting.

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