February 26, 2021
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Croston Weir and Fish Pass

The works comprised the final stage of habitat improvement works in the River Yarrow and involved the construction of a Denil style weir in the river which is the first time that this form of weir has been used in the north west of England.

The habitat improvement works have produced significant runs of larger sea trout to the upper reaches of the river as well as enabling the return of the first salmon to be witnessed in living memory.

In order to minimise any environmental problems, as much work as possible was conducted away from the river. As the internal workings of the fish pass are made from stainless steel and required inserting in a concrete channel, offsite construction methods were used and the concrete units were transported to site in eight 1m sections and craned into position. Water-flow over part of the weir was prevented by bunding the area with clay, creating a dry working area. The weir was then prepared to accept the fish pass sections at the correct gradient where they were then lifted and secured into position. Once all eight sections were in place, the outside of the fish pass was clad with stone in order to blend in with the surroundings.

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