February 26, 2021
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Flow Measurement Works

William Pye has been United Utilities contractor of choice for specialist flow measurement works for over 10 years and has provided the company with sales in excess of £1million pa.

The scope of works includes construction and repair of weirs, spillways and v notches to over 250 sites throughout United Utilities Water’s area of operations.

Examples include:

Watchgate WTW

The existing flow measurement on the Windermere inlet at Watchgate WTW had an existing flowmeter device, which was inaccurate and required replacement.

Our works comprised:

  • Removing the existing concrete beams spanning over chamber and set aside for re-use.
  • Re-fix concrete roof structure and make good as required once the mechanical installation was complete.
  • Excavation of a short length of trench for a duct from existing flowmeter chamber to adjacent kiosk.
  • Form entry point into existing kiosk for cabling.
  • Set up temporary works within existing manhole chamber.
  • Cut existing 1400mm welded steel pipe ready to receive new flowmeter.
  • Supply and install 1400mm Magmaster flowmeter complete with flange adaptor fittings either side.

River Marchnant Abstraction, Llyn Efyrnwy, Powys comprises an existing structure guarded by a large penstock.  Immediately downstream from the penstock is a trash screen and an existing rectangular notched weir, downstream of which is the entrance to the tunnel transmitting the flow to Lake Vyrnwy.

The existing weir was removed and the flow measurement device replaced by a more suitable and accurate one located within the tunnel.

Walton le Dale WwTW

William Pye Ltd were contracted to design and construct a pump station capable of dealing with liquor returns. A 3m diameter PCC chamber was constructed 4m deep and 1m above ground to house the new pumping equipment.

A duty standby pump system was installed within the chamber which was designed in house in conjunction with W H Good Ltd. The pumping main was approx 100m long and also had a Magmaster flowmeter installed within the line. To enable the new system to operate correctly the existing liquor return pipework had to be modified.

All electrical and commissioning work was carried out by WH Good Ltd.

The value of the contract was £110,000.00 and the duration was 5 weeks.

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