November 27, 2021
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Torside Clough Railway Bridge

The existing structure was built to carry the railway over a deep ravine above Torside Cough. Following closure of the railway the bridge currently carries a combined footpath and cycleway leisure trail that is well used by visitors to this popular Peak District National Park location.

Following a sustained period of heavy rainfall a large depression appeared above the structure requiring a temporary closure of the trail on safety grounds.

William Pye was called in to investigate and found that a large section of the roof of the brick arch structure had failed and had fallen into the watercourse below.

The heavy rainfall had also caused the existing 10m high embankment to slip.

Our work comprised the removal of all overburden form the structure to reduce the pressure on the remaining structure and the subsequent reconstruction of the damaged section of the structure.

On completion the overburden was re-compacted, the embankment re-profiled and the trail re-opened.

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