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October 18, 2021
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River Alt Diversion Works, Liverpool

William Pye Limited has been confirmed as Preferred Bidder by the Cass Foundation for the Design and Construction of proposed engineering works for the reinstatement and realignment of the River Alt in Croxteth, Liverpool. The existing River Alt is to be diverted through a new section of watercourse to the west of the existing and broadly following the route of Stonebridge Lane.

The Cass Foundation is a charity that strongly believes healthy places result in healthy lives who work with individuals, organisations and communities to research, collaborate on and promote projects that focus on health and the environment. http://www.cassfoundation.org.uk/

The project site is at the western edge of a significant urban clearance/regeneration area to the east of Stonebridge Lane and to the south of the East Lancashire Road.

Work is due to commence on site in late Spring and scheduled to be completed by the Autumn.

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